Pierre Hardy for NARS in Easy Walking

Well well well. Isn’t this Pierre Hardy for NARS in Easy Walking a surprise.





I am not one to do a camel colour. I just am not. I can’t wear the colour near my face and made the mistake many years ago of splurging on a camel coloured cashmere coat that just made the yellow in my skintone come to the fore and I looked perpetually sick. So much so that someone asked me if I “felt ok”. Actually lots of people did. I have gifted the coat to my warmer coloured best friend who rocks it like a superstar. Anywho, when I saw this camel colour in the Pierre Hardy for NARS in Easy Walking pair, I thought “ruh roh”.


Well I was wrong. So wrong. I love these two polishes. I think the colour pairing is spectacular and particularly edgy when wearing them with the other colour as an accent nail.

Let’s start with the camel. The camel is a true camel / toffee colour is sort of a nude but not really. It is opaque in two coats and very glossy. The photos are all two coats without top coat so I can showcase the glossy formula.


If you can’t rock the full camel / tan thing, you might be pleasantly surprised by this one. I was. I have been wearing it for a number of days and am finding myself thinking “wow” everytime I look at them.


The rose gold colour is gorgeous. Fabulous. Non-streaky. Metallic. Just fantastic formula. So easy to apply. Rose gold perfection. The other side of this is that the two together (where I used each colour as an accent nail) just brought them to life where the pairing just added a little something something to the opposite colour. That’s why I have said that Easy Walking was such as surprise. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did, but I do. I even wore the mis-matched hands to work (which wasn’t as crazy as it sounds because the colours are quite complementary. There isn’t an obvious contrast like in the other colour pairs so I got away with this).



I do love these Pierre Hardy for NARS nail polish pairs. I can’t fault the formula at all. Easy to remove. Easy to apply. Long wearing. What’s not to love?

Disclaimer: I bought my Easy Walking pair from Mecca Cosmetica at Chadstone.

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