Pierre Hardy for NARS in Ethno Run

Pierre Hardy has collaborated with NARS for some seriously fun and cute nail polish pairs. Ethno Run is an orange and navy duo, originally paired so that you can do your tips and your toes (or an accent nail if you feel like it).

These are limited edition and are packaged like shoes with a little shoe bag. I absolutely adore the packaging. The cute bag like a shoe bag, the fact that the polishes are named “left” and “right” like a left and right shoe (not that we label our shoes, but it’s still a very cute idea).



A little about me and NARS. I’m a NARS junkie. I think Francois Nars is a genius. A makeup God. I have so many NARS products that I am almost ashamed to say that I do and I have a crapload of NARS nail polish (it’s coming, I promise), which in itself is a mean feat because you can’t buy NARS nail polish in Australia (except in recent times where some very limited editions were released by Mecca Cosmetica for sale).

I will review the NARS nail polish formula separately, but NARS as a polish is SPECTACULAR. I love it. It lasts and lasts. It is super glossy. The colours are to die for and I’m seriously enamoured by his collections.

Ethno Run is no exception. I am a self-proclaimed blue polish lover and I love the inky goodness that the navy is. It applies smoothly. It is extremely dark and can look black in indoor lighting, but the gloss and the formula is outstanding.

The orange polish is also gorgeous. Here’s an orange that is orange. No red tones. No pink tones. It is as orange as orange can be. It is also a beautiful formula that applies like a dream and is opaque and shiny. I love it.

All nail polish swatches are two coats with no top coat so you can see the formula’s inheritant glossiness.

I have had some fun capturing the photos and laying down the polish with an accent nail (one side with orange as the accent the other side with the blue as the accent) so you can see the options if you wanted to go this route. Of course you could do your toes in blue and your tips in orange or vice versa.

The removal was easy for the orange. Not so easy for the inky blue. I needed to pull out the big-guns for this blue. An acetone polish will remove the hint of blue that is left behind – it is such a pigmented colour that there was no surprise that there was a bit of staining behind. Overall I love this collaboration and can’t fault the formula.

Disclaimer: I purchased my Ethno Run from Mecca Cosmetica in Myer Melbourne.

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