Pierre Hardy for NARS in Sharplines

Pierre Hardy for NARS in Sharplines is a stunner.

I have touched on my love of NARS in my review of Ethno Run, so I won’t go and bore you continually with it, but I do love NARS polish. It’s very hard-to-find for me, but when I have it, it is always a true joy to apply and wear.

Now onto Sharplines. How gorgeous is this pairing? A peachy colour and a deep burgundy. The burgundy is super glossy and very vampy. A bit like Chanel Rouge Noir (I might have to do a comparison).



I love the packaging. Let me show you the cuteness.


The bottles have the Pierre Hardy for NARS in white – different from the usual NARS bottle that has NARS written up the side in black (which is invisible on darker polishes – you can see it if you tilt it in the light) – so they are different at a glance.

The pairs have a left and right. I have the left as the accent nail on my left hand and the right as the accent nail on my right hand. These polishes can be paired as the lighter as tips and the darker as toes (or vice versa) or in the manner I have (maybe not each hand being the mirror of the other if you know what I mean).



Let’s start with the colour review.

The peach is gorgeous. I was worried that this might be a streaky nightmare as some peach colours with a bit of white in them, can be. This was not. Two dreamy, smooth coats, no streaks, no bald spots. I love the colour on my skintone (which says a lot) because I don’t have a lot of pigment in my skin and I find that these type of colours really pop if you have a tan or are a woman of colour.




The burgundy is almost black looking. The burgundy tones do come out in bright lights but Mr Swatchfest lamented that it “looks black”. Which it does. It’s still gorgeous and super shiny and very sexy. It suits my skintone because I’m pale and these sort of colours highlight the contrast.



Sharplines is really a fantastic pairing – I could imagine rocking this year round, whether you wanted to do the summery girly peach on your tips and the vampy burgundy on your toes with sandals (which would look awesome) or reverse it for winter.

If you want to do the accent nail thing, I have both on offer:

I really love this collaboration. I can’t fault the colour choice, the application, the price isn’t too bad and the formula is great. I had no removal issues with these colours either.

Disclaimer: I purchased my Sharplines from Mecca Cosmetica in Myer Melbourne.

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