Ruby Wing Meadow

Ruby Wing Meadow is a new discovery for me. It’s a colour changing polish. Woot!

I wasn’t sure at first whether this was going to be any good. I had never seen or read anything about Ruby Wing. I didn’t even know of its existence and even more random, I bought it from a magazine store. Yup. Weird.

Ready for bottle shots? These are indoor and outdoor. Mind blown.

I did my research on this polish to determine how it changes colour. It changes in sunlight. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a awesome as it sounded, but Meadow did not disappoint. I even filmed the application of it and how it colour changes:

Here’s the view of the polish indoors:

See the beautiful, silver, metallic, foily goodness? To be honest, I prefer the view in sunlight. I think the pinky, mauvy foil looks awesome on my skin tone. I prefer it to the silver. It’s soooo purty.

It’s hard to believe that they are the same hands, same polish! Love, love, love it.

I wore this polish to work and blew away my work mates when we went out for coffee. Just to give perspective, I wore Meadow to work where I work with men. Every single one was like “OMG, that’s cool”. Now that’s testament to a polish if you ask me. Guys marvelled over it. Win.

The wear time on this was pretty good. I am writing this review 4 days after application and am experiencing some chips now. I have even chipped a nail (as in breaking a nail) and it has worn well regardless.

Definitely worth a check out if you find it. The range appears to have a number of creme finishes as well as the odd metallic one, and heaps of glittery ones. I think I might have to add to my collection of these (granted that collection is at 2 for the moment – I’ll review Myth soon).

Disclaimer: This was purchased by me from Magnation at Emporium Melbourne.

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