Tom Ford Bordeaux Lust #16

Bordeaux Lust is a deep, oxblood red. It is vampy and super shiny.
This is two coats, no top coat. See how pretty it is?

The formula of Bordeaux Lust was shiny, easy to apply and smooth. I have mentioned the formula before and that the Tom Ford line has a tiny brush – so I was worried that the colour would turn out uneven. It did not, but you do end up with the occasional slightly darker patch where the colour was thicker where the swipes on the nail with the brush left overlap of colour. That being said it is still beautiful and classy. I love it.

I worried that Bordeaux Lust would be a stainer. I have had some staining on some of the deeper colours of the Tom Ford collection but Bordeaux Lust removed really nicely (but you will need to use a wipe per finger or so because the colour is so strong and can leave a little bit of red behind, but this comes off with another swipe). It is a stunner though. Gorgeous on and the bottles are to die for.

In the bottle the colour looks almost black. It was hard to take photos of this because of its deceptive cast. In really bright light the colour turns to a more true-to-life representation but that would be full sun for you to see it.

Now even though I love the colour and the formula is good, there is something about Bordeaux Lust that makes me think that Marc Jacobs Jezebel is a dupe. I pulled out the bottles to compare and they aren’t quite the same in the bottle but I will do a comparison to see if they are, on the nail.

Other than that, this is a very high end polish in a luxe bottle with a good formula. Good. Not spectacular. I think the brush is the thing that lets it down, maybe with a slightly bigger brush it would be a bit more user friendly. If Marc Jacobs’ Jezebel is a dupe or close, it would be hard to justify such a high end purchase – given that the brush on the Marc Jacobs and the application is superior.

Disclaimer: Tom Ford collection was gifted to me by Mr Swatchfest. He purchased this from Neiman Marcus.

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