Tom Ford Indian Pink #06

Tom Ford Indian Pink is a beautiful muted hot pinky colour. It looks bright but not neon bright.

I have a bit of a love / hate affair with Tom Ford as a collection and a formula. The colours themselves are spectacular, where they don’t really look unique, but there is a something something about them that makes it so. The depth of the colour, the slight shimmer in some of the colours…there is a je ne sais quoi about these.

That being said they are hella-expensive. Dang! Ouch, my wallet is what I say when I look at these. Granted looking at these in the bottle is a feast for the senses, the bottles are sexy. Luxe. Fine. A beautiful thing to behold. They look like expensive furniture.

Now on the nail it is beautiful beautiful beautiful. Glossy. Smooth. Like a rose-bud pink, a deep pink with a muted quality. It does remind me of Marc Jacobs Shocking, I’ll have to get them out side by side to have a look, but it has that same colour – bright but not in your face bright, but classy at the same time and understated.

I have reviewed the Tom Ford nail polish formula here so I won’t go on in too much detail about it, but I have found Indian Pink to be an easy to apply, gorgeous polish that isn’t a stainer (which is great given the level of pigment). It is one of those colours that made me want to look at my nails all the time and it just popped beautifully with my skintone. I think that this would work for any nail length and any skintone – it’s a neutral tone – doesn’t pull neither warm nor cool if you ask me and has enough colour that no matter whether you are fair, medium or dark it will pop.

Disclaimer: This was gifted to me (but was bought from Neiman Marcus and came in a box set).

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