Tom Ford Mink Brule #03

Tom Ford Mink Brule is quite an intriguing colour. It is a nude but it has a blush pink to it as well, making it a fabulous colour on the nail.

Here’s it is in all its beautiful bottle glory:

I love the Tom Ford bottles. They are sexy. That being said, I think all of the Tom Ford Beauty packaging is sexy with the dark wood look with gold accents. Back to the nail polish…as you can see in the photo, it is a complicated colour to describe. It is definitely pinky. And caramelly. And nude. But it has colour so that you don’t step into the dreaded corpse hand territory. It gives colour without it being over-powering. Now onto the nail:

Yipee! For those have read my other Tom Ford reviews (like Pink Crush and Naked), I didn’t have the best experience with the very light colours, but did get some improvement and some joy with Toasted Sugar. This was two coats that laid down smoothly. I’ve found that the formula is quite liquid and as such some extra care should be taken when applying to not overload the brush or you apply too much. It was smooth and easy to apply, it wasn’t streaky and I found that out of the four that I have swatched, this one has had the best formula which gives me hope that the others will be just as good. The wear time on this was also very good and removal is easy as you would expect – we’ll see how removal is with the other, more pigmented colours in the collection.

Mink Brule is understated. It’s polished. It’s subtle. It offers enough pink to not look schoolmarmish (and I hate that old lady look on my nails, those tawny colours just looks very wrong on my skintone) but does fall into that category of something that your mum would like. It is extremely glossy, so glossy it makes you want to look at your nails all day to see the shine. The other thing I like about Mink Brule is that it is different. I have nothing close in colour to this in my collection, which at this price point is good – if you are going to pay the high price you’d want a great polish with a unique colour and I believe that Tom Ford delivers on this with Mink Brule.

Disclaimer: This was in the box set given to me by Mr Swatchfest. He bought it from Neiman Marcus.

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