Tom Ford Nail Lacquer Collection

Tom Ford Nail Lacqueur Collection is a gorgeous collection. I did search online to see what the colours looked like but didn’t find a comprehensive resource.

The Tom Ford Nail Lacquer Collection in the Box Set was given to me by Mr SwatchFest. It is LUXE.

Seriously a breathtaking experience getting this. My best friend G also remarked on the beauty that this is. Now before I go on, the box is cardboard. I was hoping it would be wooden, like when you buy high-end coloured pencils in the box set. For the price, I sort of expected something a little bit more permanent and long lasting rather than cardboard. I also have two limited edition polishes in Dominatrix and Minx that are thrown on top (as seen above).

Now for the colours. I have gone from the bottom right hand corner and worked my way back. Mine were out of numerical order (they are numbered on the bottom of the bottle but it is very difficult to read. I picked the recently review Mink Brule because the darker tone of the polish offers a contrast so you can see the writing better:

Now onto the swatches.

From left to right, starting with the light pink – Pink Crush 05, Naked 01, Toasted Sugar 02, Mink Brule 03, Bitter Bitch 04, Indian Pink 06.

I have found that the formula is variable on the Tom Ford polishes. In the reviews of Pink Crush and Naked it was very streaky. I found that Toasted Sugar was better and Mink Brule was good and smooth. I have found the darker colours are MUCH better with wear time and application.

Now a little bit more:

From left to right, Bitter Bitch 05, Indian Pink 06, Fever Pink 07, Coral Blame (yes Blame, not Flame) 12, Ginger Fire 11, Scarlet Chinois 14, Carnal Red 13, Smoke Red 15, Bordeaux Lust 16.

Smoke Red 15, Bordeaux Lust 16, African Violet 08, Plum Noir 09, Viper 10, Dominatrix, Minx.

I’m reviewing these and will post detailed reviews as I go. So far I have worn a few and have found that if you apply a number of coats (like I did with Pink Crush to level it out), the polish chips and wears poorly. I wore Minx, Dominatrix and African Violet without any issues and had minor tip wear after 5 days. So the formula for some of these is good and I would definitely stick to the pigmented colours rather than the lighter ones.

As for the colour selections themselves, there is something about these colours that are unique even though you’d think they are dupable. They aren’t. The pigments and some of the shimmer (like on Ginger Fire) is so gorgeous it is gob-smacking. Everything about this line screams luxury and if they could just tweak either the brush or the formula on these, it would be an exceptional nail polish line.

Disclaimer: This was a gift from Mr Swatchfest (as I keep saying and no doubt you’re sick of hearing it).

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2 Comments on Tom Ford Nail Lacquer Collection

  1. Marcha
    March 18, 2015 at 5:01 am (4 years ago)

    I have been searching for the polish wheels you have in this picture! Please tell me where I can get them. Thank you so much! Love the colors!

    • Kathy
      March 20, 2015 at 8:57 pm (4 years ago)

      Hi Marcha,

      I bought these polish wheels from a nail wholesaler called SalonFirst here in Melbourne, Australia. I don’t know if you’re in Australia but I’d try ebay also.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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