Tom Ford Naked #01

Tom Ford Naked is a very sheer nude.

When I mean very sheer, I mean very very very sheer. It’s like very weak, very watery, milky tea.
Now I’m not adverse to a sheer polish with a hint of colour, but at this price point, you’d want something unique and you’d want colour pay-off. This is a pricey polish – $32 in the US. $65 AUD. Yes you read correctly. $65!!

Anyway, onto the bottle:

Tom Ford Naked in the bottle looks luxe. I love how in the photos the name just glows. The colour in the bottle is quite pretty and would make a fabulous work appropriate neutral, if it was significantly more opaque.

On the nail, the short-comings in the formula and the coverage are apparent.

This is nearly transparent. They weren’t kidding when they say “naked”. There is a hint of colour and for my skin-tone that hint of colour actually is almost yellowish….like stained nails from too much polish. Which is not really a colour I’d like on my nails. It also offers very little coverage (this is two coats) and I’m quite rough with my nails, so you can see the little dings (the white flecks) on my nails, which I’d like to cover with polish. I guess that’s the point. I don’t paint my nails for them to look dirty or unpainted. Or like I’ve been smoking too much (and as a non-smoker, that’s the last thing I’d want). Or like my nails are stained. I understand that this colour may look fantastic on the right skin-tone, but on me, it’s a massive disappointment.

Further to the disappointment is the application issues. The brush is small and the formula is streaky. The only saving grace is that because it’s so sheer, the streakiness isn’t super apparent (you can see it in the photo though). The only positive is that it is glossy. Super shiny. But other than that, I can’t say a lot of positive things about this colour and this formula. Nice bottle. Nice shine. Beautiful colour in the bottle. Streaky formula. Tiny brush (which can be good and bad depending on the nail polish formula). Would I recommend this as a purchase? Hell no. If you wanted something like this, Essie and OPI have these sort of colours in spades – like OPI BubbleBath – at a 1/4 of the price.

Disclaimer: This was purchased by Mr Swatchfest as a gift in the box set (yes he is awesome) from Neiman Marcus.

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