Tom Ford Pink Crush #05

Tom Ford Pink Crush is a very girly pink.

I love the colour. It’s a great neutral pink and would suit both warmer and cooler skin-tones. It is glossy. It looks super sophisticated. And that’s where my rave of this polish ends.

Unfortunately Tom Ford Pink Crush is a terribly streaky polish. This is a three-coater and even at three coats you can see streaks and bald spots. The ring finger and middle finger are three coats each and the other fingers are two coats. All of these fingers have top coat – top coat does not level out the streakiness at all.

I have tried four coats and even though it does even out the colour a little more, it is still not a smooth colour application and looks patchy.

The colour in the bottle just makes you want to swoon. The luxe design, the universally flattering pink, it would make you want to own this and slather it on your nails expecting luxury and quality. Alas, it just isn’t the case in this instance. Pink Crush just disappoints. It promises a lot and delivers little. I don’t believe that the small brush is the issue here, I think it is the formula. Similar problems with the formula were found with Tom Ford Naked.

Wear time on this has been abysmal. In the swatches I did two thin and three thin coats. On a previous wear I did four thin coats to try to get to bottle colour. When I did it sort of evened out the colour (still patchy in some spots) and you get the dreaded cuticle bald spots doing this too, but the final slap in the face was wear time. It chipped in 24 hours. I don’t know if it is because I had to apply so many coats and as a result it made it thicker and more prone to chipping, but to not even get a full day’s wear….it’s just plain old crapsville. I guess the other side to this is if it was some el-cheapo drugstore brand that chipped like a mofo and was streaky as hell, you’d be ok with it. But when you are paying for a luxury brand and it can’t deliver – it’s just plain awful.

Disclaimer: This was purchased by Mr Swatchfest as a gift in the box set (yes he is awesome) from Neiman Marcus.

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