Tom Ford Scarlet Chinois #14

Tom Ford Scarlet Chinois is a stunning true red. Stu-nning. Get a load of it in the bottle:

This is a beautiful red. It applies smoothly and is a glossy glossy polish on the nail. I find the little brush a bit of a problem sometimes where it lays down too much colour – you know when you paint your nails and you swipe with the brush and if the brush is small, how you get overlap of colour and sometimes a lot of colour is deposited and it looks a little bit streaky? That’s what happens with these tiny brushes. If you have teensy weensy nails, it works, but if you don’t (and I have nails on the smaller side), you might need 3-4 swipes to lay down a coat and that overlap makes the colour a little uneven.

Now all that being said, Scarlet Chinois is still a superbly sexy red. An “ooooh, wow!” type of red. Bright. Tomato-red sorta. Sometimes a little cherry red. It is that mix of middle of the road red that would work universally on both cool and warm skintones. It has that hard to capture quality about it. Scarlet Chinois is slightly muted. It sounds crazy but on the nail it is a little bit understated. That being said, it looks very very similar to Marc Jacobs Lola to me. I think I’ll have to compare these both side by side to know for sure, but I think that Scarlet Chinois is a dupe for Marc Jacobs Lola. Or Marc Jacobs Lola is a dupe for Scarlet Chinois.

Disclaimer: Scarlet Chinois is in the Tom Ford Collection box set that was given to me by Mr Swatchfest. He purchased it from Neiman Marcus.

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