Tom Ford Toasted Sugar #02

Tom Ford Toasted Sugar is a great warm nude colour that is completely opaque in two coats.

Thank goodness.

What’s with the thank goodness, you ask? Because I was seriously starting to doubt these Tom Ford polishes and that was going to seriously devastate me since Mr Swatchfest bought the box set (which was hella expensive) and in my excitement I started from one corner and worked my way back. Now the corner I started at had two streaky, non-event, hideous disappointment polishes in the form of Pink Crush and Naked.

Toasted Sugar in the bottle is nude perfection. It is beige and a little bit peachy and a little bit warm, but not too warm that it wouldn’t work with a cooler skintone. I think it would look particularly amazing on those with a tan or women of colour. It would just pop on those skintones and look amazing.

I had learnt with Pink Crush and Naked that I should never judge a polish by the colour in the bottle, so when I worked my way to Tom Ford Toasted Sugar, I had a heavy heart thinking that I would be disappointed again and would be struggling through trying to make it look like the massive investment made in these by Mr Swatchfest wasn’t wasted (even though I thought it was) and I’d try to use all the nail polish magic tricks I know to make the polishes work (eg top coats, multiple coats, etc).

So you can imagine my joy when this one didn’t suck. Not at all! Yayayayayayayayayayayayay! This was smoother. It was easier to apply. It didn’t streak as much. It didn’t look patchy. It was just plain good!

The colour doesn’t look that unique in the bottle but on the nail it is. I don’t have anything like that in my collection. It just screams polished and sophisticated. A great no-brainer polish to wear when you want to look put together but you don’t want your nails announcing themselves.

On the nail you can see what I mean. It is smooth. It is glossy. This is two coats and even though the Tom Ford line has tiny brushes, in this colour the application was fine and had few issues (I had some minor issues on my pinky where I think I overloaded the brush and laid down a thicker coat and it shows). It is quite a liquid formula I found so don’t overload the brush or you will have cuticle pooling and / or be left with a thick coat (like I did) and it can look a little bit lumpy.

Now even though I’m a bit chuffed that this colour didn’t totally bite the big one, it still isn’t spectacular. I could have used a different top coat and maybe evened it out a bit further for perfect smoothness, or added another coat to make it perfect, but at this high end price I’d expect the formula to be PERFECT. This is better than the other two that I reviewed and I hope the others continue to get better, but it looks like the lighter colours are dawgs.

Disclaimer: Mr Swatchfest gifted this to me. He bought the box set from Neiman Marcus

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