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Tom Ford Nail Lacquer Collection

Tom Ford Nail Lacqueur Collection is a gorgeous collection. I did search online to see what the colours looked like but didn’t find a comprehensive resource.

The Tom Ford Nail Lacquer Collection in the Box Set was given to me by Mr SwatchFest. It is LUXE.

Seriously a breathtaking experience getting this. My best friend G also remarked on the beauty that this is. Now before I go on, the box is cardboard. I was hoping it would be wooden, like when you buy high-end coloured pencils in the box set. For the price, I sort of expected something a little bit more permanent and long lasting rather than cardboard. I also have two limited edition polishes in Dominatrix and Minx that are thrown on top (as seen above).

Now for the colours. I have gone from the bottom right hand corner and worked my way back. Mine were out of numerical order (they are numbered on the bottom of the bottle but it is very difficult to read. I picked the recently review Mink Brule because the darker tone of the polish offers a contrast so you can see the writing better:

Now onto the swatches.

From left to right, starting with the light pink – Pink Crush 05, Naked 01, Toasted Sugar 02, Mink Brule 03, Bitter Bitch 04, Indian Pink 06.

I have found that the formula is variable on the Tom Ford polishes. In the reviews of Pink Crush and Naked it was very streaky. I found that Toasted Sugar was better and Mink Brule was good and smooth. I have found the darker colours are MUCH better with wear time and application.

Now a little bit more:

From left to right, Bitter Bitch 05, Indian Pink 06, Fever Pink 07, Coral Blame (yes Blame, not Flame) 12, Ginger Fire 11, Scarlet Chinois 14, Carnal Red 13, Smoke Red 15, Bordeaux Lust 16.

Smoke Red 15, Bordeaux Lust 16, African Violet 08, Plum Noir 09, Viper 10, Dominatrix, Minx.

I’m reviewing these and will post detailed reviews as I go. So far I have worn a few and have found that if you apply a number of coats (like I did with Pink Crush to level it out), the polish chips and wears poorly. I wore Minx, Dominatrix and African Violet without any issues and had minor tip wear after 5 days. So the formula for some of these is good and I would definitely stick to the pigmented colours rather than the lighter ones.

As for the colour selections themselves, there is something about these colours that are unique even though you’d think they are dupable. They aren’t. The pigments and some of the shimmer (like on Ginger Fire) is so gorgeous it is gob-smacking. Everything about this line screams luxury and if they could just tweak either the brush or the formula on these, it would be an exceptional nail polish line.

Disclaimer: This was a gift from Mr Swatchfest (as I keep saying and no doubt you’re sick of hearing it).

Tom Ford Mink Brule #03

Tom Ford Mink Brule is quite an intriguing colour. It is a nude but it has a blush pink to it as well, making it a fabulous colour on the nail.

Here’s it is in all its beautiful bottle glory:

I love the Tom Ford bottles. They are sexy. That being said, I think all of the Tom Ford Beauty packaging is sexy with the dark wood look with gold accents. Back to the nail polish…as you can see in the photo, it is a complicated colour to describe. It is definitely pinky. And caramelly. And nude. But it has colour so that you don’t step into the dreaded corpse hand territory. It gives colour without it being over-powering. Now onto the nail:

Yipee! For those have read my other Tom Ford reviews (like Pink Crush and Naked), I didn’t have the best experience with the very light colours, but did get some improvement and some joy with Toasted Sugar. This was two coats that laid down smoothly. I’ve found that the formula is quite liquid and as such some extra care should be taken when applying to not overload the brush or you apply too much. It was smooth and easy to apply, it wasn’t streaky and I found that out of the four that I have swatched, this one has had the best formula which gives me hope that the others will be just as good. The wear time on this was also very good and removal is easy as you would expect – we’ll see how removal is with the other, more pigmented colours in the collection.

Mink Brule is understated. It’s polished. It’s subtle. It offers enough pink to not look schoolmarmish (and I hate that old lady look on my nails, those tawny colours just looks very wrong on my skintone) but does fall into that category of something that your mum would like. It is extremely glossy, so glossy it makes you want to look at your nails all day to see the shine. The other thing I like about Mink Brule is that it is different. I have nothing close in colour to this in my collection, which at this price point is good – if you are going to pay the high price you’d want a great polish with a unique colour and I believe that Tom Ford delivers on this with Mink Brule.

Disclaimer: This was in the box set given to me by Mr Swatchfest. He bought it from Neiman Marcus.

Tom Ford Toasted Sugar #02

Tom Ford Toasted Sugar is a great warm nude colour that is completely opaque in two coats.

Thank goodness.

What’s with the thank goodness, you ask? Because I was seriously starting to doubt these Tom Ford polishes and that was going to seriously devastate me since Mr Swatchfest bought the box set (which was hella expensive) and in my excitement I started from one corner and worked my way back. Now the corner I started at had two streaky, non-event, hideous disappointment polishes in the form of Pink Crush and Naked.

Toasted Sugar in the bottle is nude perfection. It is beige and a little bit peachy and a little bit warm, but not too warm that it wouldn’t work with a cooler skintone. I think it would look particularly amazing on those with a tan or women of colour. It would just pop on those skintones and look amazing.

I had learnt with Pink Crush and Naked that I should never judge a polish by the colour in the bottle, so when I worked my way to Tom Ford Toasted Sugar, I had a heavy heart thinking that I would be disappointed again and would be struggling through trying to make it look like the massive investment made in these by Mr Swatchfest wasn’t wasted (even though I thought it was) and I’d try to use all the nail polish magic tricks I know to make the polishes work (eg top coats, multiple coats, etc).

So you can imagine my joy when this one didn’t suck. Not at all! Yayayayayayayayayayayayay! This was smoother. It was easier to apply. It didn’t streak as much. It didn’t look patchy. It was just plain good!

The colour doesn’t look that unique in the bottle but on the nail it is. I don’t have anything like that in my collection. It just screams polished and sophisticated. A great no-brainer polish to wear when you want to look put together but you don’t want your nails announcing themselves.

On the nail you can see what I mean. It is smooth. It is glossy. This is two coats and even though the Tom Ford line has tiny brushes, in this colour the application was fine and had few issues (I had some minor issues on my pinky where I think I overloaded the brush and laid down a thicker coat and it shows). It is quite a liquid formula I found so don’t overload the brush or you will have cuticle pooling and / or be left with a thick coat (like I did) and it can look a little bit lumpy.

Now even though I’m a bit chuffed that this colour didn’t totally bite the big one, it still isn’t spectacular. I could have used a different top coat and maybe evened it out a bit further for perfect smoothness, or added another coat to make it perfect, but at this high end price I’d expect the formula to be PERFECT. This is better than the other two that I reviewed and I hope the others continue to get better, but it looks like the lighter colours are dawgs.

Disclaimer: Mr Swatchfest gifted this to me. He bought the box set from Neiman Marcus

Tom Ford Pink Crush #05

Tom Ford Pink Crush is a very girly pink.

I love the colour. It’s a great neutral pink and would suit both warmer and cooler skin-tones. It is glossy. It looks super sophisticated. And that’s where my rave of this polish ends.

Unfortunately Tom Ford Pink Crush is a terribly streaky polish. This is a three-coater and even at three coats you can see streaks and bald spots. The ring finger and middle finger are three coats each and the other fingers are two coats. All of these fingers have top coat – top coat does not level out the streakiness at all.

I have tried four coats and even though it does even out the colour a little more, it is still not a smooth colour application and looks patchy.

The colour in the bottle just makes you want to swoon. The luxe design, the universally flattering pink, it would make you want to own this and slather it on your nails expecting luxury and quality. Alas, it just isn’t the case in this instance. Pink Crush just disappoints. It promises a lot and delivers little. I don’t believe that the small brush is the issue here, I think it is the formula. Similar problems with the formula were found with Tom Ford Naked.

Wear time on this has been abysmal. In the swatches I did two thin and three thin coats. On a previous wear I did four thin coats to try to get to bottle colour. When I did it sort of evened out the colour (still patchy in some spots) and you get the dreaded cuticle bald spots doing this too, but the final slap in the face was wear time. It chipped in 24 hours. I don’t know if it is because I had to apply so many coats and as a result it made it thicker and more prone to chipping, but to not even get a full day’s wear….it’s just plain old crapsville. I guess the other side to this is if it was some el-cheapo drugstore brand that chipped like a mofo and was streaky as hell, you’d be ok with it. But when you are paying for a luxury brand and it can’t deliver – it’s just plain awful.

Disclaimer: This was purchased by Mr Swatchfest as a gift in the box set (yes he is awesome) from Neiman Marcus.

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