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CND Vinylux Indigo Frock #176

Wow do I love me some deep blues for Autumn (Fall) and Winter. Who am I kidding? I love blues all year round, but Indigo Frock is such a deep greyed blue that it just screams cooler weather. It’s like a dark wintery night.


CND Vinylux Field Fox #185

Hello my lovelies. It has been a hectic couple of weeks and I have been polishing but have had zero time to take photos of my slapped on polish upon my fingies. Yes. I meant fingies and not fingers.

Today I have a beauty for you in the form of a Vinylux polish – I have been vinyluxing of late because I don’t have time to repaint and repaint and repaint (so I broke my Dior run for a little while) and have found the wear time to be EXCEPTIONAL on these ones lately. I am going to not only show you a polish but this is 8 days of wear of Field Fox. Yep. 8 DAYS! Here’s the ubiquitous bottle shot:


CND Vinylux Cake Pop #135

CND Vinylux Cake Pop is a light, white-based pink. It reminds me of the finish you’d get when you make cake pops – like the candy coating you dip your cake pops in….shiny and solid in colour and a little bit chalky. This is not one of those polishes that has quite a milky look to it, but it isn’t transparent and jelly-like, it is like a pink-tinged white paint. That’s probably the best description I have. Here’s what it looks like in the bottle: