YSL Blanc Galactique #101

Holy crap Batman!

Why has no one gone out and bought all of these and created a black market on ebay for these?  Why aren’t people raving about YSL Blanc Galactique in the Blogoshere? Look!

Because this colour is the shizz.  No, seriously.  I’m not kidding.  I know I rave and rave about polish because it’s my jam, but this colour is cray cray.  Amazing.  Amazing isn’t enough to capture its superior awesomeness.  Behold!

Don’t believe me? A guy even said “wow I love your nail polish”.  A guy I sit next to.  Now we know guys really don’t care what we have on our nails but not only did he comment on how he loved it, but proceeded to tell me all day how that from different angles he could see different colours.

YSL Blanc Galactique is a duo-chrome. YSL has released a duo-chrome.  How awesome is that?  Let me try to show you a different angle:

It is blue.  It is silver.  It is lavender.  It is pink.  It is metallic. Sometimes it looks white.  It is always spectacular.  Feel like another glimpse?  Hey, why not.

As a nail polish aficionado, it is not often that I find a polish that has me captivated every time I look down at my nails.  I was sneaking peaks at it at the traffic lights in full sun and marvelling at the colour (I even bored my man with the “see the duo-chrome?”), in the office under the harsh fluorescent lighting and how the angle on the keyboard brought out the more lavender tone and / or made some of my fingers look painted blue while some looked pink.

Now before I create a major lemming for everyone, I believe that YSL Blanc Galactique may be an Asia Exclusive. For my non Asia-Pacific buddies, I’m truly sorry because it is everything I say this colour is and more.

Disclaimer:  This was purchased by me at David Jones Melbourne

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