YSL Bleu Cosmique #103

I love blue polish.  I am so glad that blue polish has come to be a bit more mainstream, yet still remains edgy.  YSL Bleu Cosmique doesn’t disappoint.  I bought this one locally as I believe it is an Asia Exclusive.

YSL Bleu Cosmique is a teal / blue extravaganza.  The shimmer and the color depth translates beautifully from the bottle color to the nail.  The shimmer is so fine it is almost metallic, but doesn’t leave that brushstorke look that is often evident with metallic looking polishes.

It has that multi-colored look that you see on things like petrol drops in the rain.  Or beetles. Or big blow-flies and their weird blue-green-black-<insert other colors> eyes (not that I like getting too close to those things, they creep me out a little).

Here’s the beauty in the bottle:

I did a swatch of this color for the photograph in my excitement to try it on and see what it looks like.  This is two coats.  It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous shade.  You know when a man goes “wow, that’s nice”, that it’s a winner.   It does remind me of Chanel Azure, I think I might have to crack that out and see how they compare (yes, I will post the comparisons).  It applies uniformly (the first coat was smooth and even, the second coat increases the color depth and coverage).

The only drawback of this polish is that it stains.  Removal left behind a greeny-blue cast on my nails and that was with base coat, two coats of color and top coat.  I did the hardcore, acetone removal after normal removal unsuccessfully.  I had to lightly buff my nails to try to remove the tinge which sorta worked.  Be warned, beautiful color and fabulous wear – terrible in the removal.  I even considered using lemon juice or bleach or one of those weird soaky things to make my nails return to their pre-bleu-cosmique state but I think I’ll accept that it is the cost of wearing this beautiful polish.

Disclaimer:  I purchased this from David Jones Melbourne.

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