YSL Bronze Pyrite #35

YSL Bronze Pyrite is bronzey, goldy and pewtery.  This is the definition of metallicky goodness.  This polish is striking.  Take a look:

YSL Bronze Pyrite was released in their Spring 2013 campaign.  I purchased this with Jade Imperial, because I’m a sucker for the odd green polish (to be swatched soon).  This is a metallic polish. It looks like foil on your nails without all the application issues (visible brushstrokes) of most metallic polishes.

I initially thought that this polish was quite dupe-able.  But on closer inspection, the metallic sheen and almost antique patina colour to the polish makes it unique.  I wasn’t in love at first sight with this one, like with some other polishes.  I actually had a “meh” moment.  I painted my nails and thought….well…..I don’t think I like it but I’m too lazy to take it off now so I’ll give it a days wear and see how I feel.

Well I wore it for a week.  No chips.  No edge wear.  The colour looked the same as the day I painted them and that’s what makes this formula so fabulous.  I do like this colour, I don’t adore it.  I did have moments of nail polish remorse wearing it (those days where you look down at your nails and think, hmmmm, not sure about this colour).  I even had a co-worker comment on how he wasn’t sure if he liked it either.  Then he said he liked it.  Then he said he wasn’t sure.  That sums up exactly how I felt about this colour.  I went through days where I thought exactly like that.

I would say this is an attention grabbing polish.  It is metallic.  It is scene-stealing.  If you are in a strict corporate setting, you might want to save this for the weekend or for your toes.

I can’t fault the formula or the  ‘little left of field’ colour selection.  Those guys at YSL are spot on with their formula and colour palette.

Disclaimer:  This was purchased by me from Myer Chadstone

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