YSL Mauve Naif #16

YSL Mauve Naif is a beautiful purple. It is on the reddish end of the purple spectrum, rather than the blue (or blurple) end of the spectrum.


I’m loving the depth of this colour. It’s a true, deep, glorious purple. Doesn’t veer off into OMG what colour is that, is that black? type of territory, it is purple in all it’s purply gloriousness.


The swatches are two coats, no top coat. As you can see this is a seriously glossy formula. I’ve raved about the formula on all the YSL polishes to-date and it is a huge statement where I am saying that I have found *every single one of these polishes is flawless*. There. I said it. I have quite a few and have reviewed some (Bronze Pyrite, Orange Fusion, Bleu Cosmique, Blanc Galactique, Taupe Mauresque, Beige Gallery, Gris Underground, etc), and every single one has been a joy to apply, a joy to wear and outstanding to look at.

If you want to read my rave about the formula specifically, I have reviewed the YSL La Laque Couture Formula here.

I wore this for a week without any issues (I did the usual base coat, two coats of Mauve Naif and one coat of top coat) and got one week of wear. Minimal edge wear and where I mean minimal, I mean teensy weensy. Barely perceptible. Unless you are OCD like me where you notice the tiniest amount of edge wear. On the 7th day (where I was due to re-paint anyway because I was showing growth and with a dark colour I think it looks a bit dodgy), it started to chip at the edges.

Mauve Naif was released with Vert D’Orient and Taupe Mauresque in the Summer 2013 collection and is a repromote – it came out in the initial line up when YSL launched their La Laque Couture line.

Disclaimer: This was purchased from Myer Chadstone.

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