YSL Taupe Mauresque #37

YSL Taupe Mauresque is a deep, dark, taupey, cool brown. It was released as part of YSL’s Saharienne Summer collection.

The colour is very dark. It isn’t so dark that it looks black, you can definitely tell it is a dark brown, but depending on the light it can look a bit more dark taupe versus a very dark chocolate brown.

Here’s the color in the bottle:

It looks like melted milk chocolate. Mmmmm. Milk chocolate.

The colour looks a lot more taupe than a true, deep brown. I love this smokey sort of colour, the cooler tone works well with my neutral-cool skin-tone and the darkness really showcases the glossiness of the formula. I think due to the brown tones and the slightly cool cast, that this colour would work on both warmer toned skin as well as those with cooler tones.

This is two coats:

There is something about this colour that screams sophisticated, yet different. I think it is work appropriate for a strictly corporate setting and even though it is dark and moody, it is all class with a little bit of sass.

In bright light, the colour on the nail does look more like milk chocolate (like the bottle colour). In indoor lighting and subdued lighting, the colour is deeper and darker, but it still clearly shows through as a brown rather than a black. I love when dark colours don’t fall into that “is this black?” in subdued lighting. I have a number of dark colours that only show through as coloured in very bright light and at all other times you couldn’t really tell if they were black, dark brown, dark blue, etc. YSL Taupe Mauresque is definitely a taupe / brown at all times. Sometimes an almost edible looking chocolate, other times a 85% cocoa type of brown.

YSL Taupe Mauresque is in the same colour family as other taupe colours that were all the rage a few seasons ago, with OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques, Chanel’s Particuliere, Essie Mink Muffs, etc. YSL Taupe Mauresque is significantly deeper and richer in colour and I have no dupes in my collection.

Disclaimer: I purchased this from Myer Chadstone.

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