YSL Vert D’Orient #36

I love teal. YSL Vert D’Orient is a beautiful colour in the bottle and on the nail.

There is something about teal that just looks spectacular against my skin tone. I know it may not be the most work appropriate colour or even something that most people would consider wearing, but everytime I paint my nails in this colour, I can’t help but say “wow”.

And wow is what I said with Vert D’Orient.

It is spectacular. Glossy. Vibrant. Two coats but I could have gotten away with one. Just fabulous. It has a bit of a dusky quality to it also, it’s hard to describe but it isn’t as out-there as some other teal polishes (like Butter London Slapper), so it is more wearable. Classier, somehow.

I cannot rave enough about the formula on these beauties. I won’t repeat myself repeat myself but have a lookie-see at the other YSL reviews and my YSL La Laque Couture nail polish formula if you want to see how much I truly love these YSL babies.

Vert D’Orient came out in the Summer 2013 campaign which is quite a wild card if you ask me. It doesn’t look summery. It came out with some other non-traditional colours like Mauve Naif and Taupe Mauresque that don’t really scream Summer to me. Unless we are talking about the cusp of Summer / Autumn (Fall). That being said I find myself going to the deeper, darker colours more readily in summer as a contrast to the saturated brights and the bright light. I often do bold and bright nail colours in Winter as a pop of colour against my black / grey / navy – a.k.a drab, dreary, wintery clothing. So even though this seems to be a detour from other beauty houses and their usual brights for summer, maybe someone in creative at YSL is a bit like me and decided that super-saturated, bolds that are the norm for Summer needed a shake-up? Maybe.

Either way, I love this colour. I love that it was released with a more brooding bunch of polishes that you’d expect to see in a different season and I like the juxtaposition that it poses against Summer as a season and the rest of the campaign. My english teacher would be so proud. I used juxtaposition. Who’d have thought.

Disclaimer: I purchased Vert D’Orient from Myer Chadstone (Chaddy for the locals).

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