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YSL Mauve Naif #16

YSL Mauve Naif is a beautiful purple. It is on the reddish end of the purple spectrum, rather than the blue (or blurple) end of the spectrum.


I’m loving the depth of this colour. It’s a true, deep, glorious purple. Doesn’t veer off into OMG what colour is that, is that black? type of territory, it is purple in all it’s purply gloriousness.


YSL Orange Fusion #2

Mmmm mmmm. YSL Orange Fusion is quite a juicy shade of red-orange. I must admit initially I thought, yep, orange, I do have other orange nail polishes….but it has a jelly like finish to it and it looks like orange jelly (jell-o for you American peeps).

Or like the coating on jaffas. Mmmmmm jaffas. Geez, I could go some of those. For those of you who don’t know what a jaffa is, it’s a solid chocolate ball covered in a candy coating that is orange flavoured so you get a choc-orange hit. They are quite hard and make great projectiles to throw at your older brothers. I digress.

In the bottle it gives off a very dark orange, veering off into red-orange territory. I find it hard to explain but sometimes I think it is a red-orange and other times it is just a deep orange colour. The nail swatch below shows the reddish tones coming through but it’s still orange in my view.

What makes Orange Fusion spectacular for me (besides the YSL La Laque Couture formula) is that this is a jelly polish with extreme shine. This is two coats of colour. The shine of the polish itself is mesmerising. Of course I wear base and top coat for longevity of all my polishes because I’m pretty rough with my hands, but in the photo above, I took the photo with two coats of colour without top coat to show the spectacular shine.

YSL Orange Fusion is a dream to apply too. Sometimes a jelly polish will need three or more coats to get down enough colour. This wasn’t the case with this one. If you want to minimise any smile lines or visible nail lines, a third coat would probably work but I found that the VNL was not an issue and is almost barely visible on the nail (you can see it on my thumb nail and my middle finger, but it’s not as apparent on any of the other nails).

I have worn this to work most of the week and have had people comment on the colour. Granted my workplace is starting to get used to me wearing some pretty bold colours – even for corporate environments you can strut a bold nail colour from time to time….I have my workplace trained now. The wear is spectacular and the removal a dream – no staining and given the intensity of the colour you may be worried about it leaving an orange cast on the nail.

The more I polish my nails with these new YSL lovelies, the more I want to collect them all. I haven’t had one disappointment and I own a number of these now. They are truly worth the price tag.

Disclaimer: I bought my YSL Orange Fusion from Myer Chadstone.

Chanel Azure vs YSL Bleu Cosmique

To my right is Chanel Azure. To my left is YSL Bleu Cosmique. Are they dupes? No. Are they related. Maybe. Sorta. In a round about way.

If you want to read the reviews here’s Chanel Azure and here’s YSL Bleu Cosmique.

Now onto the colour comparisons:

When you don’t have the bottles directly next to each other and you are going from memory you start to think that they are dupes or at least very closely related. When you have them next to each other (as above), you realise that you’ve gone wacky for even thinking about it.

In the pic above, I have my index finger and my ring finger painted in YSL Bleu Cosmique and the rest of my hand painted in Chanel Azure. As you can see the Bleu Cosmique is clearly more blue vs Azure being more green. Now when you start moving your hand you can see that some of the colour angles can make the green tones come out of the Bleu Cosmique and some of the blue tones come out of the Azure making the colours look quite similar. The differences are then the shimmer formula where YSL is definitely a more tightly packed, almost metallic polish and Chanel Azure has a lot more micro glitter and micro shimmer that is suspended and visible in the formula.

Either way, they are both quite different so if you were umming and aahing over whether to purchase these, you could justify that they are different to yourself. I did.

YSL La Laque Couture Nail Polish Formula

YSL La Laque Couture Nail Polish Formula is the bomb. That is all.

Just kidding. That isn’t all. Granted I could say that is all because, truly wuly, this is a fabulous formula. I am collecting these beauties on mass at the moment because they are that awesome. Let’s get down to the review, shall we?

The bottle is luxe. Hey, look at me. I have a gold cap.

The cap comes off leaving a smaller lid that is great when you are painting – a lot of brands do this, eg. Chanel’s nail polish formula, the big lids would make holding the brush difficult if you had smaller hands.

The brush itself is quite wide and is tapered at the end (like the Dior brushes – yes I’ll review my Dior polishes soon, I promise) to follow the cuticle. I find these brushes are great if you have bigger nail beds and larger fingers. If you have small girly hands like me, the brush can be difficult to use on my pinky (but works beautifully on my other fingers).

Now onto the formula. It lasts and lasts and lasts. I do not have any of the YSL base coats or top coats and use my concoction of nail base coats and top coats. I find that no matter what I use (eg Revitanail as a base, two coats of YSL nail polish, OPI Start to Finish as top coat; Butter London Nail foundation, two coats of YSL nail polish, Butter London top coat; OPI Nail Envy as a base coat, two coats of YSL nail polish, Butter London top coat) or some mix of base and top coats, that I get fantastic wear. No chips. No bubbling. No shrinkage. Just pure joy in the form of nail polish perfection that lasts from Sunday night to Sunday night (a week’s wear).

Now I have a number of different colours and finishes. I’ve reviewed a small subset so far – Bronze Pyrite, Bleu Cosmique, Blanc Galactique are all fabulous shimmery / metallicky polishes. They are a dream to apply and do not show brushstrokes at all. Beige Gallery and Gris Underground, are beautiful creme finishes that are super glossy. The colour shown in this post is Orange Fusion (review coming) and I have not had any issues with any of the La Laque Couture formula at all. They are superb.

The colours are fabulous as well. The original release came out with the general oranges, reds, pinks, but they then shook it up with some standout beauties. Bleu Majorelle is STUNNING and probably my favourite blue of all time (and I love blue nail polish). They have a jade. They have a teal. The pinks and fuchsias are to die for. The orange is a jelly! I can’t speak highly enough of the colour collection or the formula. Seriously try these babies out. They are pricey but so worth it when you get such consistent quality and fantastic colour palette.

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