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YSL Taupe Mauresque #37

YSL Taupe Mauresque is a deep, dark, taupey, cool brown. It was released as part of YSL’s Saharienne Summer collection.

The colour is very dark. It isn’t so dark that it looks black, you can definitely tell it is a dark brown, but depending on the light it can look a bit more dark taupe versus a very dark chocolate brown.

Here’s the color in the bottle:

It looks like melted milk chocolate. Mmmmm. Milk chocolate.

The colour looks a lot more taupe than a true, deep brown. I love this smokey sort of colour, the cooler tone works well with my neutral-cool skin-tone and the darkness really showcases the glossiness of the formula. I think due to the brown tones and the slightly cool cast, that this colour would work on both warmer toned skin as well as those with cooler tones.

This is two coats:

There is something about this colour that screams sophisticated, yet different. I think it is work appropriate for a strictly corporate setting and even though it is dark and moody, it is all class with a little bit of sass.

In bright light, the colour on the nail does look more like milk chocolate (like the bottle colour). In indoor lighting and subdued lighting, the colour is deeper and darker, but it still clearly shows through as a brown rather than a black. I love when dark colours don’t fall into that “is this black?” in subdued lighting. I have a number of dark colours that only show through as coloured in very bright light and at all other times you couldn’t really tell if they were black, dark brown, dark blue, etc. YSL Taupe Mauresque is definitely a taupe / brown at all times. Sometimes an almost edible looking chocolate, other times a 85% cocoa type of brown.

YSL Taupe Mauresque is in the same colour family as other taupe colours that were all the rage a few seasons ago, with OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques, Chanel’s Particuliere, Essie Mink Muffs, etc. YSL Taupe Mauresque is significantly deeper and richer in colour and I have no dupes in my collection.

Disclaimer: I purchased this from Myer Chadstone.

Chanel Alchimie vs YSL Bronze Pyrite

In the blue corner, representing Chanel is Chanel Alchimie.

In the red corner, representing YSL is YSL Bronze Pyrite.

Now, at first I thought maybe I’d gone crazy and was on crack, which I’m not, when I even suggested that maybe Chanel Alchimie and YSL Bronze Pyrite could be twinnies.  But there are some similarities that made me want to go and compare them.

So compare I did.

They are not dupes.  They are similar in colour family but Chanel Alchimie has that secret sauce in the way of tiny microshimmers and microglitter that Chanel does superbly.  YSL Bronze Pyrite on the other hand is more metallic and boasts being a metallic without showing brushstrokes.

In the picture below, I have Chanel Alchimie on my index and ring fingers and YSL Bronze Pyrite on my thumb, middle finger and pinkie.

In some angles the colours are remarkably similar and in darker lighting (eg indoor light) they do look quite similar.  In full sun, indoors with bright light or photography with flash – the colours are different and the finish differences are noted.

Chanel Alchimie boasts microshimmer and microglitter in a green base.   YSL Bronze Pyrite is a metallic polish where there is no differentiation between the base colour and the shimmer.  This is like molten metal in its smoothness.

YSL Bleu Cosmique #103

I love blue polish.  I am so glad that blue polish has come to be a bit more mainstream, yet still remains edgy.  YSL Bleu Cosmique doesn’t disappoint.  I bought this one locally as I believe it is an Asia Exclusive.

YSL Bleu Cosmique is a teal / blue extravaganza.  The shimmer and the color depth translates beautifully from the bottle color to the nail.  The shimmer is so fine it is almost metallic, but doesn’t leave that brushstorke look that is often evident with metallic looking polishes.

It has that multi-colored look that you see on things like petrol drops in the rain.  Or beetles. Or big blow-flies and their weird blue-green-black-<insert other colors> eyes (not that I like getting too close to those things, they creep me out a little).

Here’s the beauty in the bottle:

I did a swatch of this color for the photograph in my excitement to try it on and see what it looks like.  This is two coats.  It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous shade.  You know when a man goes “wow, that’s nice”, that it’s a winner.   It does remind me of Chanel Azure, I think I might have to crack that out and see how they compare (yes, I will post the comparisons).  It applies uniformly (the first coat was smooth and even, the second coat increases the color depth and coverage).

The only drawback of this polish is that it stains.  Removal left behind a greeny-blue cast on my nails and that was with base coat, two coats of color and top coat.  I did the hardcore, acetone removal after normal removal unsuccessfully.  I had to lightly buff my nails to try to remove the tinge which sorta worked.  Be warned, beautiful color and fabulous wear – terrible in the removal.  I even considered using lemon juice or bleach or one of those weird soaky things to make my nails return to their pre-bleu-cosmique state but I think I’ll accept that it is the cost of wearing this beautiful polish.

Disclaimer:  I purchased this from David Jones Melbourne.

YSL Blanc Galactique #101

Holy crap Batman!

Why has no one gone out and bought all of these and created a black market on ebay for these?  Why aren’t people raving about YSL Blanc Galactique in the Blogoshere? Look!

Because this colour is the shizz.  No, seriously.  I’m not kidding.  I know I rave and rave about polish because it’s my jam, but this colour is cray cray.  Amazing.  Amazing isn’t enough to capture its superior awesomeness.  Behold!

Don’t believe me? A guy even said “wow I love your nail polish”.  A guy I sit next to.  Now we know guys really don’t care what we have on our nails but not only did he comment on how he loved it, but proceeded to tell me all day how that from different angles he could see different colours.

YSL Blanc Galactique is a duo-chrome. YSL has released a duo-chrome.  How awesome is that?  Let me try to show you a different angle:

It is blue.  It is silver.  It is lavender.  It is pink.  It is metallic. Sometimes it looks white.  It is always spectacular.  Feel like another glimpse?  Hey, why not.

As a nail polish aficionado, it is not often that I find a polish that has me captivated every time I look down at my nails.  I was sneaking peaks at it at the traffic lights in full sun and marvelling at the colour (I even bored my man with the “see the duo-chrome?”), in the office under the harsh fluorescent lighting and how the angle on the keyboard brought out the more lavender tone and / or made some of my fingers look painted blue while some looked pink.

Now before I create a major lemming for everyone, I believe that YSL Blanc Galactique may be an Asia Exclusive. For my non Asia-Pacific buddies, I’m truly sorry because it is everything I say this colour is and more.

Disclaimer:  This was purchased by me at David Jones Melbourne

YSL Bronze Pyrite #35

YSL Bronze Pyrite is bronzey, goldy and pewtery.  This is the definition of metallicky goodness.  This polish is striking.  Take a look:

YSL Bronze Pyrite was released in their Spring 2013 campaign.  I purchased this with Jade Imperial, because I’m a sucker for the odd green polish (to be swatched soon).  This is a metallic polish. It looks like foil on your nails without all the application issues (visible brushstrokes) of most metallic polishes.

I initially thought that this polish was quite dupe-able.  But on closer inspection, the metallic sheen and almost antique patina colour to the polish makes it unique.  I wasn’t in love at first sight with this one, like with some other polishes.  I actually had a “meh” moment.  I painted my nails and thought….well…..I don’t think I like it but I’m too lazy to take it off now so I’ll give it a days wear and see how I feel.

Well I wore it for a week.  No chips.  No edge wear.  The colour looked the same as the day I painted them and that’s what makes this formula so fabulous.  I do like this colour, I don’t adore it.  I did have moments of nail polish remorse wearing it (those days where you look down at your nails and think, hmmmm, not sure about this colour).  I even had a co-worker comment on how he wasn’t sure if he liked it either.  Then he said he liked it.  Then he said he wasn’t sure.  That sums up exactly how I felt about this colour.  I went through days where I thought exactly like that.

I would say this is an attention grabbing polish.  It is metallic.  It is scene-stealing.  If you are in a strict corporate setting, you might want to save this for the weekend or for your toes.

I can’t fault the formula or the  ‘little left of field’ colour selection.  Those guys at YSL are spot on with their formula and colour palette.

Disclaimer:  This was purchased by me from Myer Chadstone

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