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YSL Gris Underground #38

Is this grey?  Is this periwinkle?  Is this cornflour blue?  Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous.

YSL Gris Underground #38

YSL Gris Underground #38

There is definitely a sky blue cast that comes through with this color.  It is definitely grey, but it is a grey-blue sort of color making it cooler and edgier.  I love how it looks with my skin-tone, I find some other greys can lean a little bit warmer (where they are a bit grey with a hint of brown) that brings out the redness in my skin.  This is a creme, no shimmer, no sparkle, yet it has depth to it and interest.  I can’t get enough of these sorts of colors and I find that YSL in the new La Laque Couture range has some seriously amazing colors in creme formulations.

Some more swatches:


The color is smooth, not streaky.  Even a single coat lays down some serious color and if you went a little bit thicker, you could easily get away with a single coat.  The color depth shows in two coats, however so I prefer doing two thinner coats.  I have found the formula to be quite consistent with these polishes, not too thin, not too thick.  I would call this just right making it easy to polish without the risk of it running all over the place and pooling at the cuticle.

This is two coats and dries to a beautiful shine that doesn’t need top coat (but I do it anyway because that’s how I roll).

YSL Gris Underground bottle view

YSL Gris Underground bottle view

The bottle photo (taken with flash) shows the undertones really well.  It is a light grey with a blue / lavender cast.  It’s absolutely stunning and falls into the category of work appropriate but edgy.  Why wear pale pinks and boring neutrals when you can wear this?  I love it.

Disclaimer:  This was purchased by me from Nordstroms.

YSL Beige Gallery #39


What can I say about the YSL La Laque Couture nail polish?  It’s awesome.  It’s fabo-tastic.  The brush is one of those tapered, funky sort of ones that covers the whole nail in a few quick swipes and is great for getting close to the cuticle.  I have one minor gripe with the brush, which is that if you have teensy weensy fingers like I do, the pinky can be hard to paint without getting cuticle pooling (oh how I hate cuticle pooling).

This polish lasts and lasts and lasts.  I get a week’s wear and I’m hideously rough on my nails (I do the proper prep of basecoat, two coats of color, top coat).  What I love about the formula is that it doesn’t crack, it doesn’t fade, it doesn’t turn.  It looks fabulous right to the point where I remove it because of minor tip wear or minor chips.  I love the formula so much that I’ve amassed a hefty hoard of these (which I will be swatching and posting soon – so stay tuned).

Now onto the color (these are two coats):

YSL Beige Gallery (indoor light)

YSL Beige Gallery indoor light

This is a complex neutral.  It has enough color to ensure that you don’t have corpse hands, but doesn’t fall into that territory of dodgy, ugly, what-the-hell-is-that-on-your-nails-omg-is-that-dirt-or-worse type of color.  The indoor photo without flash shows the richness of the color.  It did remind me of Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge (which I had but it separated and went to nail polish heaven) so I can’t do a swatch comparison.

Here’s the full light / flash pic:

YSL Beige Gallery with flash

YSL Beige Gallery with flash

With bright light the color leans cool.  Which does wonders for my pale, olive-ish, bordering on cool but neutral skin tone (for those of you who need to know what color skin tone that is in commercial terms – I’m a Nars Deauville / Giorgio Armani Face Fabric #2 / Chanel B20).  Isn’t it pretty?  Soooo pretty.  Great for the office when you want something neutral but you don’t want to glance down at your nails and say “meh”.

Now onto the bottle:

ysl beige gallery

ysl beige gallery

The bottle has a removable cap so that it isn’t unwieldy when you paint, which I like. Granted this isn’t a new concept, I still like it.

Disclaimer: I purchased this myself from Nordstroms.

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